About The Yoga Studio

aboutARE YOU READY? The Yoga Studio is a HOT YOGA STUDIO featuring a dynamic, challenging style of yoga that will help you lead a happier, healthier and more productive life.

When you combine ancient yoga traditions with breathing, moving and meditation, it brings a new awareness and awakens you to a deeper connection to yourself and others. In every class you will experience strength, flexibility, and endurance training.

Classes offered include Hot Vinyasa, Slow Flow, Power Yoga, Short Form Ashtanga, Restorative Yoga, YinYasa and Yoga CoreCardio. All classes are either hot or heated. In addition to our signature classes, private instruction is also available, which allows the teacher to customize a practice for people with injuries, limitations, or those new to the practice.

Yoga truly is for everyone, regardless of your experience… new students are in every class!!! We offer three locations for your convenience to enjoy our Yoga classes. Yoga is the ultimate journey of transformation. Get ready to change your life!!! Yoga is a practice that prepares you for life’s beautiful challenges. This practice will empower you to tap into your true potential. Come give it a try and see for yourself!