The Yoga Studio Testimonials

Love all The Yoga Studio Instructors!

I wanted to take a few minutes to share some compliments about a few instructors. I am not sure of last names, but hopefully, this is good enough. Kim is so very welcoming, and it is truly appreciated. She goes out of her way to make everyone comfortable. Catherine has a very calming down to earth demeanor, and I really appreciate her classes, especially during a stressful work week. Mary has also been great and very compassionate in her teaching. Finally, Tiffany is just amazing. I cannot say enough great things about her. Her classes are fantastic, every time, and her personality is outstanding.

Yoga is a gift!

I am only in my early 20’s and have been plagued with horrible chronic back pain for several years. Not only have I undergone back surgery, but I have recently developed arthritis in my spine. My back pain has hindered every aspect of my life. I tried yoga out of desperation for pain relief. My very first yoga experience was at The Yoga Studio. To my amazement, after just one class I left pain free! I am so grateful to Karen and The Yoga Studio. From someone who never thought they would even have a pain free day; there are not words to express how thankful I am to be able to enjoy life and feel free. What a relief. What a gift. Thank you.

I've learned so much!

I started at The Yoga Studio at the end of May.  Having never done yoga a day in my life, I was honestly terrified that I would walk in and get looks from all of the "real yogis" silently saying "who is this girl who clearly doesn't know what she is doing."  I have been so surprised throughout the last few weeks at how welcoming the staff has been and how much I have learned.  It's nice to be recognized by a few people when I come for class so I don't feel as foreign.

I really just want to say thank you for making me feel like I really can practice yoga.  I have such a freedom of choice while I am there and that is absolutely refreshing on so many levels.  I'm so glad I was brave enough to finally take the plunge because I really am coming into my own through yoga and that is largely because of the Yoga Studio.

I've fallen in love with The Yoga Studio!

I can't tell you how daunting it was to me the first time I came to The Yoga Studio. I'm not a flexible person that is very good at turning my mind off - just to say the least. I've discovered the many misconceptions that I've had about yoga just by stepping into the front door of The Yoga Studio. Let me tell you - in just two weeks I've really fallen in love. I've bought a yoga mat, I've bought the pants - I even watch videos online to learn more. I have major back pains for years that keep me up late at night and since I've started yoga - I haven't had those pains. It's fantastic. A major relief. The instructors at The Yoga Studio are wonderful. They really care about each and every person in the class and go out of their way to make sure that you do every pose correctly - that you are constantly learning. One instructor even spoke to me about how much progress I was making - which was a major confidence builder. There is an amazing community at The Yoga Studio that I have immensely enjoyed becoming a part of. I'm so glad I stepped out of my comfort zone and gave it a try. I suggest that everyone do the same!